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Crisis On Earth-Blog: The DC Challenge – The Batgirl Opinion Challenge

February 1, 2010

Cassandra Cain Deodato

Just in case you didn’t know there is a big crossover for blogs and The Anti-Didio League of America is represented in this crossover by Batgirl Cassandra Cain! It is great to have my all-time favorite comic book character be part of this crossover.  The Anti-Didio League of America’s contribution to the crossover will be an opinion piece. Here is a rundown of my thoughts on the characters involved:

Adam Strange: Adam Strange – I can’t say that I have ever found him to be all that interesting. I mean I don’t dislike him, I just don’t get excited to see him either. I think my earliest experience was him was his mini just before Infinite Crisis and that was okay. I liked his plot in 52 but more because of Animal Man and Starfire then because of him. (Not to mention about everything in 52 was damn good)

Aquaman (Honorary Member of the ADLA): Aquaman – got to love him. My earliest experience with him was old Superfriend reruns when I was little and then in JLA when I first got into comics. Most people will disagree but I prefer his nineties outfit more then the old school one because it is the one I grew up with in JLA and on Justice League: The Animated Series. I just think the beard and the hook scream Aquaman to me. I was pretty upset when they put him back in the orange and the green but I am used to it now.

He is definitely an honorary member of the Anti-Didio League of America because of Didio’s idiotic comments about how he can’t carry a series in some interview with comic book resources. I hope he is brought back to life following Blackest Night and I think he will be that is why I didn’t make him a founding member of ADLA. Probably one of the most dumbass editorial moves (among many dumbass moves) was when he showed up in Justice League of America but was drawn as the second Aquaman! And then Didio just completely denies it in some interview like oh that was supposed to happen.

Arthur Joseph Curry – the second Aquaman – is also an honorary member. Despite the fact that he was created during Didio’s reign, they have ignored him completely since his book got cancelled and I did like him as a character. He only got barely mentioned in a recent Titans issue where they say he gave up his costume. Tad Williams’s run on his book was totally underrated – I loved Topo in it!

The Atom (Ray Palmer): Ray Palmer – I remember him being in one of the earliest comics I ever bought which was a JLA issue where he goes into some kid’s brain and discovers a civilization inside. It was good. Then of course there was Identity Crisis. But let’s face it – he is a boring character compared to Ryan Choi. I resent him taking back the mantle from Ryan. I do like that they are keeping with the idea that Ryan Choi is still the Atom of Ivy Town but I wish he was more involved around the DCU still.

Batgirl (As Cassandra Cain, founding member of the ADLA): Batgirl #1 was the first comic I ever got and Cassandra Cain will forever be my all-time favorite comic book character. I love Barbara Gordon and Stephanie Brown (who are both honorary member of the ADLA because Didio wanted to backtrack the character of Barbara and make her Batgirl again and because of Stephanie’s torture and murder) – but no one kicks ass like Cassandra Cain. I could write forever about her and will on this blog so that’s it for now.

Black Canary: Great character! Birds of Prey has always been a favorite book of mine. I loved her in JLA: Year One. Okay she is great wherever she goes. I wish DC would get it straight whether or not she was a founder of the JLA in current continuity. While the origin story in 52 kept it, other books have since ignored that because Didio is an asshat.

Black Lightning:  Another character I always enjoy, but I like Thunder a lot more and am hoping she comes out of a coma one of these days.

Captain Comet: I don’t really have an opinion about Captain Comet. I only really know him from 52 and R.E.B.E.L.S.

Dr. Fate: Hector Hall interested me because of his backstory but I have otherwise always found Dr. Fate to be rather boring. Sue me. Although I am liking the use of the new Doctor Fate in Willingham’s JSA right now so maybe I will grow to love the character.

Elongated Man: While I don’t love him like I love Plastic Man, I do like Elongated Man. His relationship with Sue is great and he has done more in the DCU since her and his death I think then he did before Identity Crisis. So unlike most people, I do not think that Identity Crisis was bad for the character.

Firestorm: My experience with Firestorm began with the Obsidian Age arc of JLA but I fondly remember Jason Rusch’s series more. I hate that Gehenna was murdered during Blackest Night – but I get the feeling Ronnie and Jason will both be Firestorm after Blackest Night together, which I am all for.


No matter how they try to spin it, Barry works better as the saint that died during the first crisis.

Green Arrow: Loved Quiver and I love Ollie. Kevin Smith writes him the best in my opinion. Connor Hawke is cool too and definitely an honorary member of the ADLA.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan): EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! BORING! (Plus he is a total douche)

Hawkman (Katar Hol): I loved Hawkworld!

Hawkwoman (Shayera Thal): Ditto!

He – Man and Battle-Cat: Who?

Martian Manhunter (Honorary Member of the ADLA): Another Honorary Member of the ADLA and definitely in my top ten favorite characters ever. He is the heart and soul of the Justice League. Brad Meltzer not including him in his League was a travesty. I hope he is back after Blackest Night.

The Metal Men: Meh I have mixed feelings about them. I always thought they were boring until Giffen got a hold of them and I love Copper! But otherwise they are just okay.

Mister Miracle: Shilo Norman is more enjoyable then Scott Free, more a fan of his Free’s wife then him.

Phantom Stranger: Cool character and love him when he appears. Check out his recent Brave and the Bold arc from David Hine, that was just gorgeous to look at and a great storyline.

Plastic Man: I love him! Fell in love with him during his JLA days and I think he works best as a member of the Justice League. Couldn’t wait for Kyle Baker’s series but was majorly crushed my freshman year of high school when I opened the first issue and found it to be cartoony art and lame jokes.

Sgt. Rock: Yeah don’t know much about him at all.

Supergirl (As Linda Danvers, founding member of the ADLA): Linda Danvers! I  love her and she is a founding member of the ADLA. I only wish that Kara Zor-El would acknowledge Linda as her predecessor. They could at least fucking mention her once in fifty issues! Ugh…I could bitch about this forever.

Superman: Love the character! Who doesn’t? I actually didn’t get into him until I got into comics but love him now.

Wonder Woman: Why is she only in one book! The greatest Super-heroine of all time and needs more respect then she is given. First of all, they need to stop changing her supporting cast with each new writer.

Zatanna: I like Zatanna but only when used sparingly. Dini’s ongoing should be great though.

Well that’s it for my opinions – follow Batgirl in the crossover’s Choose Your Own Adventure here!

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  1. February 1, 2010 6:36 pm

    I enjoyed your comments and insights a lot. Though I disagree about some things, but it’s all cool. (Like Adam Strange…maybe it’s a girl thing, but I just swoon over a guy in a uniform and a jet pack. With a ray gun, to boot.)

    And I can’t agree with you enough about J’onn J’onnz. And I LOVE Cassandra. I was a bit ticked when I heard Stephanie Brown was taking on the mantle–but you know what–I gave her series a shot, and now it’s one of my favorite books. But I do wish Cassandra could come back. Why can’t there be two Batgirls? I mean, there’s a million Green Lanterns.

    I’m a big Phantom Stranger fan as well, and thanks for mentioning the recent run in Brave and the Bold. I haven’t paid much attention to that title, but I’m definitely picking up those Phantom Stranger issues.

  2. February 9, 2010 7:57 am

    I agree with a lot of opinions regarding the heroes you mentioned.

    I’m a HUGE Kyle Raynor fan, but I also like Hal (to a degree). It’s just that Kyle’s ring constructs are more creative and varied than Jordan’s perpetual giant hand trick. Hal gets away with a lot and isn’t the One True Green Lantern, IMO.

    Give Strange some love.

    I like Scott Free more than Shilo…

    I dislike Plastic Man.

    Zatanna…I’m thinking up a way to murder her and make everyone forget about her using magic…hehe

    I like Hawkman, but got never stand Hawkwoman (for some unknown reason). I think I may have proposed to Hawkgirl (Kendra)…

    Martain Manhunter: I couldn’t agree more…

    Cassandra is the most BAD-ASS DC fighter of them all!!!

    Aquaman – not one of my faves, but the comment about his nineties look is really on the money!

  3. February 9, 2010 7:58 am

    Meant to type: I like Hawkman, but could never stand Hawkwoman (for some unknown reason). I think I may have proposed to Hawkgirl (Kendra)…

  4. Diabolu Frank permalink
    March 20, 2010 6:52 am

    Sorry it took me so long to reply, but going through the history of a couple dozen blogs looking for highlights, running multiple blogs myself, and that whole “life” thing makes for a slow progression.

    My own opinion challenge…

    Adam Strange: I like his costume, and he’s always seemed fun on a conceptual level, but I’ve never enjoyed him in my reading to date.

    Aquaman: One of my favorite super-heroes, in spite of the majority of his comics being crap. Orange + Green 4-Eva.

    The Atom (Ray Palmer): Could not disagree with you more. Ray’s the O.G., and Ryan just road the coattails. I’m opposed to any legacy character who is simply “gifted” an identity and power set created by another hero. Also, Ray had way better Silver Age stories than most, and his writers have been exceptionally daring and mature compared to most Pre-Crisis DC characters. Ray’s too often dismissed for being such a badass, and is often ahead of his time.

    Batgirl: I like Cassandra, and think she’s plenty worthy.

    Black Canary: I wish I liked her more. Too many years as Ollie Queen’s arm candy/guilt trip, with too modest a power set, and not enough personality. She’s a better martial artists than who– Nightwing? Big whoop.

    Black Lightning: Along with the Falcon, the two most prominent African-American super-heroes I don’t give a damn about. Electrical powers, but a wet blanket personality. Out of 70s DC alone I’ll take Bronze Tiger and Vixen in a heartbeat.

    Captain Comet: Everything people wished Martian Manhunter was in terms of power and ability, but isn’t. Highly undervalued.

    Dr. Fate: A character I have always struggled with, but then, DC hasn’t seemed to have a strong handle on him themselves in decades, if ever. All potential, no execution, and screw Hector Hall besides.

    Elongated Man: Sue most definitely was his better half, in the sense that I vastly prefer her to him. He’s no Plastic Man either, as you said.

    Firestorm: I prefer Jason, but I like the whole premise alright.

    The Flash (Barry Allen): I friggin’ hate Wally West. He’s always been a jerk and has never had anything going for him but the speed. Barry is a more likable and well-rounded character who can actually generate stories without putting on his costume. It took too long to resurrect him for my comfort, especially when you factor in the “saint” angle I’ve always dug, but he’s the best possible Flash in my opinion.

    Green Arrow: I liked Ollie as a kid, but found Grell’s right-wing pragmatist take a bore, and his anachronistic bleeding heart liberalism of recent years shrill. Worst possible resurrection. I’d much prefer Connor or Roy assume the role.

    Green Lantern Hal Jordan: A wimp, an egotist, and a psycho. I prefer John and Guy, but will take Kyle in a pinch. Great costume, though.

    Hawkman: Another cat I dug as an ignorant kid, who has tormented me with one lousy revamp after another for twenty years.

    Hawkwoman: Awesome Pre-Crisis, but mediocre since. Hawkworld Thal and Kendra never did it for me.

    He – Man and Battle-Cat: Fun toys, lame characters.

    The Metal Men: Not my speed.

    Mister Miracle: I like both versions well enough, but am hardly a fan.

    Phantom Stranger: I have nostalgic affection, but no actual love.

    Sgt. Rock: Star of “realistic” war comics I never cared much for reading. Nick Fury’s my guy.

    Supergirl: I really dug Earth Angel Linda Danvers (#1-50,) but the Riot Grrrl lost me. I believe in Kara Zor-El, in concept if not execution.

    Superman: A fan as a kid, but he bugs the crap out of me today. Too much “I is most powerful they is” bullshit to elevate him above every other DC property combined.

    Wonder Woman: At one time my favorite character, but I haven’t enjoyed her adventures in fifteen years.

    Zatanna: A blast when written well, which is just about never.


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