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Celebrating Ten Years of Batgirl: Robin 73

February 11, 2010
Batgirl next makes a small cameo in Detective Comics #741. This week the current volume of Batgirl’s seventh issue hit the shelves of comic stores and it featured the team up of the current Batgirl and Robin – Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne. How fitting that in my retrospective of Cassandra Cain’s ten year reign as the Dark Knight Damsel I have come to the first official team up of the Cassandra Cain and Tim Drake who at the time were also known as Batgirl and Robin!


Let’s take a look at Chuck Dixon and Steven Harris’s Robin #73:



Batman knows that Robin is going to need someone to watch to watch his back on a mission – a Guardian angel as Bruce puts it – and sure enough he assigns our heroine the task.



I love Harris’s rendition of Batgirl here – dark and in the shadows; a creature of the night – truly the “daughter” of Batman. And I LOVE that Tim finds her to be creepy! If I am not mistaken this is the first time that Alfred and Batgirl are seen together – although they don’t interact in the scene.


Apparently Batgirl doesn’t quite understand modesty – this doesn’t change much – a few years later she freaks the Outsiders out by walking around naked in their headquarters! Interesting that Tim is hesitant to allow her to see his face…back then the Gotham characters were much more careful about their secret identities. In today’s Didio times, it seems like they could care less. Harris’s rendition of Batgirl and Tim is kind of awkward here don’t you think? Whatever I am no artist so what do I know

Tim’s mission is interrupted by what I believe to be a group of kidnappers after his money? Anyways, Batgirl performs her signature sneak attack and kicks some major ass, finally convincing Tim of her worth.





Those final two pages make me smile. Tim knows from the first team up that he has no reason to worry – she may be creepy – but she is a great addition to the Bat family!


And that about wraps it up for Batgirl in 1999. Next she enters the new millennium by getting her own solo series! Stay tuned!





Stats and Facts

Issue Firsts:

First Meeting with Alfred Pennyworth?

First Team-Up With Robin

Sneak Attack Count:


Total Sneak Attack Count:


Significant Creator Count:


Denny O’Neil (4)
Janet Harvey (1)

Kelley Puckett (2)

Greg Rucka (1)

Devin Grayson (1)

Chuck Dixon (1)


Roger Robinson (4)

Sergio Cariello (1)

Deodato (1)

Damion Scott (2)

Dale Eaglesham (1)

Steven Harris (1)

Knock-Out Count:


Total Knock-Out Count:


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