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Celebrating Ten Years of Batgirl: The Dark Knight Damsel Flys Solo

March 24, 2010
It was sixth grade and my twelfth birthday – I specifically asked for Batman comics that year. Luckily my Grandma gave me the comic that we will be discussing today, and I have loved the character ever since. Last we checked in on Cassandra Cain was in Robin #73, this time around it was time for her to fly solo in February 2000’s Batgirl #1.


The issue begins with a flashback to Batgirl’s childhood with David Cain. Cain decides to test his daughter against a bunch of grown men. Things didn’t go so well for the men!



And two pages into the series we already know this is a girl who can kick serious ass. Don’t FUCK WITH HER —- Ya I am talking to you Didio!

Even though I knew very little about Batman comics at the time that I bought this issue, this one page was all I needed to know in order to catch up on Batgirl (Ya I don’t buy the argument that new readers can not get into comics now-and-days, you just can’t be a dumb ass)


So she knows ten words? I’d have to look back but I think before this the only thing we know she said is Stop.

The scene from earlier is juxtaposed by this scene with Cassandra and her current father figure.

Batgirl_n1-p09 Batgirl_n1-p10Both scenes show Cassandra working with her “ father” , but in the second scene Batgirl knows that Batman is hurting bad guys and not performing mindless acts of violence. It is a great way of showing why she likes Batman, he reminds her of David Cain except he works for good instead of evil. He is everything she always wanted in a father. I love when Bruce and Cassandra work together! (I wonder if it will ever happen again, that makes me sad!)

The close relationship between Batman and Batgirl is reinforced in the next scene when Oracle talks to Batman about the new Batgirl.




Batman feels very much connected with her in the same way she does with him. So why wasn’t Cassandra called in during R.I.P or Hush or any of these big Batman storylines in the past few years!? Why does DC pretend she doesn’t exist. It makes Batman look like a total asshat.

Even Batman underestimates her below.



Ha she hit him so fast he didn’t even realize it! Kudos to Damian Scott, he can certainly draw facial expressions. His art is sometimes too cartoony for me, but he can draw facial expressions and you really need that with Cassandra.


Cassandra recognizes how alike she is with with Batman in this amazing panel! Damn I think I am going to put that somewhere on this blog! Perfect! Just after this she tells a thug to Shut Up, which she actually learned from watching Batman earlier in the issue.

One of the greatest scenes (out of many) is below.


Interesting that he says no costumed criminals. I love his reaction to him touching her. I don’t believe it was a romantic touch, she sees him as a father figure, perhaps Bruce doesn’t understand that yet or maybe he does? All I can say is this issue made me fall in love with the character. She is both innocent and bad ass to the very core. She is Batgirl.

Stats and Facts

Issue Firsts:

First Solo Issue

First Use of “Shut Up”

Sneak Attack Count:


Total Sneak Attack Count:


Significant Creator Count:


Denny O’Neil (4)
Janet Harvey (1)

Kelley Puckett (3)

Greg Rucka (1)

Devin Grayson (1)

Chuck Dixon (1)

Scott Peterson (1)


Roger Robinson (4)

Sergio Cariello (1)

Deodato (1)

Damion Scott (3)

Dale Eaglesham (1)

Steven Harris (1)

Knock-Out Count:


Total Knock-Out Count:


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