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Celebrating Ten Years of Batgirl: The Bat Meets The Cat

September 11, 2010

It has been a while but I am back to bring you more tales of Cassandra Cain’s ten-year reign as Batgirl. This time around we get her first meeting with Catwoman in Batman:  Gotham City Secret Files #1 in a story entitled Night Games written by Scott Peterson and Kelly Puckett with art by Paul Ryan.

Gotham City Secret Files pg03 From the first page I can tell I already think Ryan draws a damn good Batgirl. Wait till you see her in action! Batgirl of course takes all the thugs out rather quickly except for one who is scared shitless. This impresses our narrator – the one and only Selina Kyle!

Gotham City Secret Files pg05

Cassandra’s costume is just so much more frightening then either Barbara’s or Stephanie’s Batgirl outfits. She is the DARK knight damsel. My hope is that she gets to wear the costume again after Batman, Inc.

Gotham City Secret Files pg06

I have to say that I do miss this Catwoman outfit. The one she wears today has never really impressed me. I know I am in the minority here. I didn’t like the purple look though – the coloring on the current one is definitely better, but I hate the current goggles look. I actually think Michelle Pfieffer’s Catwoman costume should have been used in the comics.

Selina assumes Batgirl doesn’t know who she is – I am not sure if she does or not. At this point she can’t read Batman or Oracle’s files but they could have told her about Catwoman at some point. More then likely she doesn’t know who Catwoman is – because if she did I have a feeling Cass would have immediately began to fight her – not team up with her. At this point Catwoman was still a villain – not evil or murderous – but a thief none-the-less.

Gotham City Secret Files pg10Paul Ryan sure draws Batgirl looking pretty happy fighting alongside Catwoman…and fight she does… she knocks out 11 guys in this issue. New record for a single issue.

 Gotham City Secret Files pg11Gotham City Secret Files pg12 

Hahaha Catwoman just stands and watches in amazement! I love it!

Meanwhile Oracle worries that Batgirl has yet to return to the Clocktower after Batman told her too. (How cool was it when the Birds worked out of the Gotham Clocktower! They need to bring that back!) But Batman shows his confidence in his new protégé.

Gotham City Secret Files pg14IGotham City Secret Files pg15

This is the first time we learn she is seventeen now instead of sixteen when she was first introduced. The Unauthorized Chronology of the DC Universe lists Cassandra’s birthday as January 26, 1989. That makes her 21 in the present DCU.

Anyways, this issue not only marks Cassandra Cain’s first encounter with Catwoman – but the Penguin as well. The idea of having Catwoman and Penguin having a conversation while Batgirl beats the crap out of everyone else in the background was a brilliant choice by the creative team!

Gotham City Secret Files pg19Gotham City Secret Files pg20

Notice how Cassandra isn’t just a fighting machine – she is paying close attention to their conversation too.

She’s a smart young woman despite not knowing how to speak – Batman was right about how she can read people. This is evident when she outsmarts Catwoman below.

Gotham City Secret Files pg22Gotham City Secret Files pg23

I love the finger wag!!  

Gotham City Secret Files pg24 Catwoman is right – you should never underestimate Cassandra Cain – not as Batgirl, not as a fighter, nor anything else. Take that Dan Didio!

Stats and Facts


Issue Firsts:

First  Meeting with Catwoman and The Penguin

First Time she is revealed to be 17 years of age

Sneak Attack Count:


Total Sneak Attack Count:


Significant Creator Count:

Denny O’Neil (4)
Janet Harvey (1)

Kelley Puckett (4)

Greg Rucka (1)

Devin Grayson (1)

Chuck Dixon (1)

Scott Peterson (2)


Roger Robinson (4)

Sergio Cariello (1)

Deodato (1)

Damion Scott (3)

Dale Eaglesham (1)

Steven Harris (1)

Paul Ryan (1)

Knock-Out Count:


Total Knock-Out Count:



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